After the race

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What to say? This was a first joint organisation of Ljubljana scouts and orienteers of such an event. We had some very basic problems, but then again – after we managed to print the start lists, the race went on fairly well. You didn’t know that we got last minute information about police closing the bridge to control 100, as the president planned to walk over it in the middle of the race … ;)


Anyway – I hope that you enjoyed.


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Start list & bulletin

Start list by categories is here: 2011_04_sprint_ljubljana [click].

Teden taborništva v Ljubljani / Week of Scouting in Ljubljana
Tek po stari Ljubljani – Old city run

Proge / Courses:

  • A – 2,8km / 80m / 14KT
  • B – 2,3km / 70m / 11KT
  • C – 1,4km / 10m / 6KT

Uporabljena je startna kontrola! Start control is in use!

Mestni del karte je bil reambuliran aprila 2011; grajski hrib je bil narejen leta 1995, karta pa je doživela hiter pregled (nove poti, groba vegetacija, reambulacija starih gradbišč).

City centre part of the map has been done in april 2011; hilly part of the map only had a very fast revision (new paths and road, previously unmapped areas of construction sites). Map was originally done in 1995.

Bodite pazljivi na pešce, redke avtomobile v mestnem jedru (prometne ceste so na karti označene s temnejšim odtenkom), natakarje v lokalih. Posebej bodite pazljivi, ko tečete okoli vogalov. Vsak tekmovalec tekmuje na lastno odgovornost!

Please, be careful when running at full speed. Watch for other pedestrians, rare cars in the old city (roads with traffic are coloured in a bit more shady tone), waiters in the pubs near Ljubljanica river. Take special care when running around corners. Each competitor competes on his own responsibility.

Zapiranje proge / Courses close: 18:15

Podelitev nagrad / Prize giving: kmalu po 18:00 / shortly after 18:00.

Garderoba / Wardrobe: v skladišču na Wolfovi (prva ulica proti jugu, 3. podhod na desni, nato levo); in a room at Wolfova street (first street to the south, 3rd passage on the right, then turn left).

Rezultati, fotografije, Splitsbrowser, RouteGadget:
Results, photos, Splitsbrowser, RouteGadget:



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Start lists & bags

Dear all … Time is running fast and we are a bit behind shedule. ;) Anyway. Start lists will be published during the night so – check the page in the morning. We will also use start control, so – there will be no problem with starting some time in between. Place for baggage will be 100m from finish area in Wolfova street. Route will be marked. Baggage will ba watched.

City part of the map has been thoroughly revised in last days, the castle hill only got a fast revision. You should be aware that growth, undergrowth and accuracy might not be 100% there.

There has been some forestry work up the hill in last days. It might happen that some paths over the hill will be closed. If so – we will know by the time of start and we will manually mark this on the map.

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Cheaper entry fee until 8th of April

Organizers decided to extend first deadline for entries for 5 days. Until 8th of April entry fee is 5 EUR.

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Welcome to Ljubljana

After quite a while Ljubljana city centre will host an orienteering sprint competition. New map will be prepared and courses will lead you through the warm and kind Ljubljana streets, you will climb Ljubljana castle and finish in the Prešernov trg (main square).

Want to try? Join us on Wednesday, 13th of April 2011 at 16:00 in the beautiful city of Ljubljana.

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Scout association of Ljubljana celebrating 15 years!

Scout association of Ljubljana (Mestna zveza tabornikov Ljublajna) is a union of 15 local scout groups all over Ljubljana. This year it celebrates 15 years of its activities and because of that we are organizing Scout week from 11. till 16. of April in a City centre. Showing different activities during week, one day we would like to offer orienteering as a part of Scout activities.

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